Evolution exam 3 study guide

Evolution exam 3 study guide - Evolution exam 3 study...

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Evolution exam 3 study guide: BIO 370 Fall 2009 Exam 3 Sample Study Questions 1. How could you use a phylogenetic tree to trace the route of infection from one person to another? What relationships would viruses from the infected person have to those of the source? How would you date the time of transmission? Lost of diversity within one individual. At transmission event, HIV in recipient represents only a small subset of the HIV present in the source. As time passes HIV lineages in source and recipient both diversify and others go extinct. Your virus will be embedded in the source virus that infected you so it is said that one individual is paraphyletic to all the rest. You do a regression to tell rate of evolution. You regress back until it hits the origin ant that’s your date of transmission. By using a phylogenetic tree and genetic differences-plot genetic differences vs. time, get regression line whose slope is equal to the rate of evolution. The longer the lines in phylogenetic tree, greater divergence from source. The infected person will have a common strand with the source as well as new strands. Time of transmission arises when a higher time has a larger genetic difference- from slope. 2. Why do people keep getting infected with the flu year after year? Vaccines can only provide exposure for antibody building for that specific strain used in the vaccine. If the mutations that occur in the flu are different than what was predicted and then used
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Evolution exam 3 study guide - Evolution exam 3 study...

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