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1 review for section 2 9 26 - Review for section 2 Remember...

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Unformatted text preview: 9/26/08 Review for section 2 Remember this is not intended to be a full review. You need to supplement this with your own stuff! Buddhism: a dominant Indian religion. Based on the teaching of Bud. Karma: determines what you will be reborn as in reincarnation. Freedom from materialism. Separate yourself from attachments/desire (freedom from the dog and mom) Thus no suffering. Right belief, right speech, right action, right conduct. Right mindfulness, effort. Right liviehood. Meditation. Originated in India now covers all of Asia. The Buddha, the prince, having lived a life of luxury, sheltered from suffering, shielded from death and old age, was shocked when he saw an old man, then later a diseased man, a dead body, and an ascetic. Confucianism: founded by K'ung-fu-tzu hierarchy…cultural structure. Propriety. Higher treats lower well, lower honors higher. harmony hierarchy…cultural structure....
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