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2 Review for section 2 11 - Feudal system In japan Lots of...

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Review for section 2 11/7/08 The Opium Wars: brits smuggle in opium to the people. China outlaws opum. Trade deficit. China was shipping tea out mass quantities of tea. Brits respond with selling opium. Emperor ties stop it. Brit makes war. Results. China became a semi coloy of britian. Reduced the tariff to 5 % . begins the century of humiliation. The Taiping Rebellion: peasent rebellion agisnt the corruption of qing dynasty. Lasted for 15 years. Mostly supported by peasents, 40 million killed. Shoen: private estate. Self sufficient, own armies, produced their own food.
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Unformatted text preview: Feudal system. In japan. Lots of civil war. • Kamikaze: means divine wind. Suicide pilots, flew into ships with their aircraft. When the mongels tried to land, twice, prevent because of the weather. Interpreted as God saving the nation. • Meiji Restoration: process of industal and military growth in response to western power. In japan, created a constitution, political parties. Mills and mines got sold off for the sake of military development....
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