IAH 204 Fall 2008 Syllabus

IAH 204 Fall 2008 Syllabus - IAH 204: Asia and the World...

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Asia and the World Asia in the Age of Empire Fall 2008 Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday, 3:00-4:20, Wells Hall B106 Instructors Professor: Charles Keith (ckeith@msu.edu) Office hours: 337 Morrill Hall Teaching Assistants: Gabe Henderson (hende270@msu.edu) Jennifer Marlow (marlowje@msu.edu) Justin Rowe (rowejust@msu.edu) Course description This course explores the global dimensions of Asian politics and cultures from roughly the eighteenth century to the present. In the course, we will explore the connections both between Asian societies and Asia and the rest of the world, as well as the connections between transnational events and processes and everyday life and experience. To explore these connections, we will focus on the theme of empire: its origins in early structures and patterns of cultural contact in Asia, its formal consolidation through colonial rule and spheres of influence, its collapse in the era of Asian revolutions, its refashioning in the Cold War and post-colonial struggles, and its enduring legacies in the era of globalization. As a part of Michigan State University’s program in Integrative Arts and Humanities, the course will introduce you to a broad variety of ways of thinking about Asia through the humanities. To do so, the course will approach its subject through a wide range of approaches from different academic disciplines. The course will also make use of an equally wide range of source materials, including fiction, memoir and film as well as primary historical documents and secondary literature. Goals of Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities at MSU seeks to assist students to become more familiar with ways of knowing in the arts and humanities and to be more knowledgeable and capable in a range of intellectual and expressive abilities. IAH courses encourage students to engage critically with their own society, history and culture(s); they also encourage students to learn more about the history and cultures of other societies. They focus on key ideas and issues in human experience; encourage appreciation of the role of knowledge and values in shaping and understanding human behavior; emphasize the responsibilities and opportunities of democratic citizenship; highlight the value of the creative arts of literature, theater, music and the arts; and alert us to important issues that occur among peoples in an increasingly interconnected, interdependent world. Goals of IAH 204 1) To introduce students to the history and cultures of Asia, and to the relationship between Asian societies and the rest of the world. 2) To teach students to think critically about a breadth of texts (including academic writing, memoir, fiction and poetry) and visual evidence (including film, photography, art and political cartoons). 3)
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IAH 204 Fall 2008 Syllabus - IAH 204: Asia and the World...

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