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NOtes - recitation - Alnso wrote the Voyage Page 20 women...

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Alnso – wrote the Voyage… Page 20 – women are good looking 60, 61 – what kind of presents they gave, example of the cultural misunderstanding, in India you don’t establish diplomatic relations without giving a gift in gold 48 – on the following day… these guys are dangerous – rumor from Africa (shoot people, captured them) there was a rumor that they were thiefs, Vasco said we’re representing a wealthy country. In kings perspective, you have these guys that are called thiefs, but they tell him they are from the rich country and give worthless gifts – justifies the king’s actions 44 – our lady… - on the ship they 53 – represented out lady… Hindus – not Christians – cultural misunderstanding, Portugese see this Indians as Christians, although they were Hindus Bartalomeo Dias – south Africa, da gama – India – rumor was before da gama, that there were Christians in India, da gama talking with the king
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