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ECH 152B Homework #5 Due: Friday, February 19, 2010 1) For the ammonia synthesis reaction written: 1 2 g G(±) + 3 2 ² G(±) → g² ³(±) With 0.5 mol N 2 and 1.5 mol H 2 as the initial amounts of reactants and with the assumption that the equilibrium mixture is an ideal gas, show that: ´ µ = 1 − ¶1 + 1.299· ¸ ¸ ¹ º »¼/G 2) Ethanol is produced from ethylene via the gas phase reaction: ½ G ² ¾(±) + ² G ¿ (±) → ½ G ² À ¿² (±) Reaction conditions are 400 K and 2 bar. a. Determine a numerical value for the equilibrium constant K for this reaction at 298.15 K. b. Determine a numerical value for K for this reaction at 400 K. c. Determine the composition of the equilibrium gas mixture for an equimolar feed containing only ethylene and H 2 O. State all assumptions. d. For the same feed as in part c., but for P = 1 bar, would the equilibrium mole fraction of ethanol be higher or lower? Explain. 3) Peter, Paul, and Mary, members of a thermodynamics class, are asked to find the equilibrium composition at a
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