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Winter 2010 University of California at Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science ECH 141 EXAMPLE MIDTERM (given in 2007) #1) (20 points) A two-dimensional flow field is given by v = (0.5 + 0.8x) i + (1.5 – 0.8y) j (m/s). a) Determine if the flow is compressible or incompressible. b) Determine the local acceleration. c) Determine the convective acceleration. d) At x=1 m and y=1 m, what is the value of the convective acceleration? #2) (30 points) Consider a fluid flowing between two, vertically oriented, parallel plates. The flow is steady, laminar and one-dimensional. The spacing between the two plates is 2b. No pump is used to move the fluid and consequently there is no pressure
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Unformatted text preview: drop in the flow direction, which is the x-direction (vertically downwards). a) Apply the linear momentum balance for a differential volume and obtain an expression for the shear stress distribution between the plates. b) What is the maximum value of the shear stress and where does it occur. c) If the fluid is Newtonian arrive at an expression for the velocity profile. d) Derive an expression for the volumetric flow rate for a unit width w (into the z direction) of the film and calculate the flow rate per unit width if the fluid is water at room temperature and 2b= 2 mm....
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