Practice Midterm Exam - Biology for Engineers BE/BL 2400...

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Biology for Engineers BE/BL 2400 Midterm Examination The T/F and multiple choice questions are each worth 3 points. 1. T or F. All the information for creating a protein is present in the cell’s DNA. 2. T or F. The formation of protein is regulated primarily by controlling the attachment of ribosomes to the mRNA template. 3. T or F. The association of a tRNA molecule to the ribosome complex in a growing polypeptide chain is governed by the attraction of the attached amino acid residue to its complementary pair in the mRNA template. 4. T or F. Cells can respond to external stimuli in a manner that may cause a change in the level of expression of multiple genes. 5. T or F. Gene transcription is a tightly regulated process in which transcriptional regulators can bind to response elements and activate gene transcription. 6. T or F. The highly specific lock and key nature of protein to protein association allows for a slight change in the protein’s shape or charge to have a dramatic affect on the ability of the protein to bind another protein. 7. T or F. Cells can move, change their shape, recognize neighboring cells, and attach to the fibrous proteins that make up the extra cellular matrix. 8. T or F. Shear stress is a mechanical stimulus that all the cells in our bodies are exposed to and that all cells can “sense” through specific transmembrane receptors. 9. T or F. In the double stranded DNA, a Pyrimidine always associates with another Pyrimidine and a Purine always associates with another Purine between the complementary strands through hydrogen bond interactions. In this manner, a consistent ladder-like shape of the DNA helix is maintained. 10. T or F. The shape of a protein is specified by its amino acid sequence and the
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Practice Midterm Exam - Biology for Engineers BE/BL 2400...

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