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MCB102 Exam 2 preparation

MCB102 Exam 2 preparation - MCB102 Exam 2 preparation Time...

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MCB102 Exam 2 preparation Time: Wednesday, November 5, 2008 6PM for two hours from the actual start time. No calculators. Room/student arrangement 2050 VLSB 429 seats A-Kim about 200 students 10 Evans 238 seats Kl-Paek about 100 students 145 Dwinelle 226 seats Pai-U about 100 students 160 Kroeber 138 seats V-Z about 50 students Description of exam 1. Calculate Δ G ’0 from K eq ’0 . 2 points 2. Calculate Δ G ’0 from Δ E ’0 . 4 points 3. Glycolytic and gluconeogenic pathways will be given in words with some enzyme(s), substrate(s), products(s) and coenzyme(s) left out for you to fill in. There will be questions about the hormone cascade and its relationship to these pathways. 21 points 4. Part of the pathway of cholesterol synthesis, isopentenyl pyrophosphate to squalene will be presented with certain elements omitted. You must fill in the missing elements and answer a question. 5 points 5. A diagram of a very simple glycogen molecule is presented. You must indicate what phosphorylase and debranching enzyme will do. 7 points.
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