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Unformatted text preview: Topics Covered Topics 2. Sub-surface Exploration. American University of Sharjah Civil Engineering Program 2.1. Introduction. 2.2. Subsurface Exploration Program. 2.3. Exploratory Boring in the Field. 2.4. Procedures of soil sampling. 2.5. Observation of Water Tables 2.6. Vane Shear test. 2.7. Cone Penetration test . 2.8. Coring of Rocks. 2.9. Preparation of Boring Logs. CVE-333 Geotechnical Engineering Design Dr. Magdy El-Emam El- Topics Covered (Cont’d) 2. Sub-surface Exploration. 2.10 Subsoil Exploration Report. Objectives. Understand objectives, types and procedures of site exploration and characterization, Apply methods of interpretation of resulting data for the purpose of foundation design. Topics Covered (Cont’d) 3. Shallow Foundation Section 1:Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations 3.2 General Concept 3.3 Terzaghi’s Bearing Capacity Theory Terzaghi’ 3.4 Factor of Safety 3.5 Modification of bearing capacity Equation for Water Table 3.6 The General bearing Capacity Equation 3.7 Eccentrically Loaded Foundation 3.8 Bearing Capacity of Layered Soils: Stronger Soils Underlined by Weaker Soil 1 Topics Covered (Cont’d) 3. Shallow Foundation Section 2: Elastic Settlement of Shallow Foundations 3.9 Types of Foundation Settlement 3.10 Elastic Settlement Based on the theory of Elasticity 3.11 Elastic Settlement of Foundation on Saturated Clay 3.12 Elastic Settlement of Sandy Soil: Use of Strain Influence Factor 3.13 Range of Material Parameters for Computing Elastic Settlement Topics Covered (Cont’d) 3. Shallow Foundation Section 3: Primary Consolidation Settlement 3.14 Primary Consolidation Settlement Relationships 3.16 Vertical Stress Increase in a Soil Mass Caused by Foundation Load (Review) 3.17 Allowable Bearing Pressure in Sand Based on Settlement Consideration 3.18 Field Load Test 3.20 Tolerable Settlement of Buildings Topics Covered (Cont’d) 4. Mat Foundations: 4.1 Introduction (Isolated Footing) 4.1 4.2 Combined Footing 4.3 Common Types of Mat Foundations 4.5 Compensated Foundation 4.6 Structural design of Mat Foundations Topics Covered (Cont’d) Topics 5. Lateral Earth Pressure and Retaining Walls: Section 1: Lateral Earth Pressure Section 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Lateral Earth Pressure at Rest 5.3 Rankine Active Earth Pressure 5.4 Rankine Active Earth Pressure for Inclined Backfill 5.5 Coulomb's Active Earth Pressure 5.6 Rankine Passive Earth Pressure 5.7 Rankine Passive Earth Pressure for Inclined Backfill 5.8 Coulomb's Passive Earth Pressure 2 Topics Covered (Cont’d) 5. Lateral Earth Pressure and Retaining Walls: Section 2: Stability of Retaining Walls 5.10 Proportioning Retaining Walls 5.11 Application of Lateral Earth Pressure Theories to Design 5.13 Stability of Retaining Walls 5.14 Check of Overturning 5.15 Check of Sliding along the Base 5.16 Check of Bearing Capacity Failure Topics Covered (Cont’d) 8. Pile Foundations: 8.2 Types of Piles in Use 8.3 Estimating Pile length 8.4 Installation of Piles 8.6 Equations for Estimating Pile Capacity 8.7 Meyerhof’s Method for Estimating QP Meyerhof’ 8.8 Janbu’s Method for Estimating QP Janbu’ 8.9 Coyle and Castello's Method for Estimating QP in Sand 8.10 Other Correlations for calculating QP with SPT and CPT Topics Covered (Cont’d) 8. Pile Foundations: 8.11 Frictional resistance (QS) in Sand 8.12 Frictional (Skin) Resistance in Clay 8.13 General Comments and Allowable Pile Capacity 8.14 Point Bearing Capacity of Piles resting on Rock 8.15 Elastic Settlement of Piles 8.17 Pile-Driving Formulas Pile8.18 Group Piles Efficiency 8.19 Consolidation Settlement of Group Pile Pile Load tests Topics Covered (Cont’d) Topics 9. Drilled Shaft Foundation: 9.2 Types of Drilled Shafts 9.3 Construction Procedures 9.5 Estimation of Load Bearing Capacity (General) 9.6 Drilled Shafts in Sand – Load Bearing Capacity 9.7 Drilled Shafts in Clay – Load Bearing Capacity 3 Review and Evaluation Exam 4 ...
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