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310A Exam One Study Guide - 310A Exam One Study Guide Be...

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310A Exam One Study Guide Be sure you know all of the in class activities! As you study, think about how to apply  the ideas to specific management situations.   Chapter One What do managers do? Management Functions, Skills, and Roles Managers get things done through other people. Functions: PLANNING Define goals Establish strategy to reach goals Develop comprehensive plan to integrate and coordinate activities ORGANIZING What tasks need to be done Who is going to do them Who reports to who Where decisions are to be made LEADING Motivate employees Direct activities of others Resolve conflicts CONTROLLING Monitoring Comparing to goals Correcting Roles INTERPERSONAL Figurehead Leader Liaison – maintains network of outside contacts who provide favors and information INFORMATIONAL Monitor – receives information Disseminator – gives information to those who need it Spokesperson – transmits information to outsiders on organizations plans, policies, actions and results; serves as expert on organizations industry. DECISIONAL
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Entrepreneur – initiates projects Disturbance handler Resource allocator Negotiator Skills: TECHNICAL HUMAN CONCEPTUAL Problem solving/ability to rationally process and interpret info. Concept: Differences between independent vs. dependent variables Dependent Variable: Key factor that you want to explain that is affected by other factor PRODUCTIVITY + Effective vs. Efficient productivity Effective: Gets the job done and meets goals Efficient: Does so while minimizing costs and maximizing profits ABSENTEEISM TURNOVER JOB SATISFACTION DEVIANT WORKPLACE BEHAVIOR
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310A Exam One Study Guide - 310A Exam One Study Guide Be...

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