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de_outline4 - (a 3 qualities of punishment 2 “fair...

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Criminology De Coster CLASSICAL AND NEOCLASSICAL PERSPECTIVES – LECTURE #5 I. Justice prior to 1789 A. Lack of due process B. Types of punishment II. Beccaria’s Essays on Crime & Punishment A. Social contract theorists B. Assumptions about human beings III. Tenants of classical/neoclassical school A. Purpose of punishment 1. Deter crime
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Unformatted text preview: (a) 3 qualities of punishment 2. “fair payment” IV. Policy INEQUALITY AND THE DEATH PENALTY – LECTURE #6 i. Court Cases A. Furman v. Georgia 1972 B. Gregg v. Georgia 1976 C. McCleskey v. Kemp 1987 a. Baldus and Woodworth study D. Batson v. Kentucky 1986 II. Be sure to take good notes on the Stevenson lecture!...
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