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de_outline6_7 - I Logic of Incapacitation II Collective...

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Criminology De Coster NEOCLASSICALISM AND THE DEATH PENALTY IN PRACTICE – LECTURE #8 I. Cruel and Unusual Punishment? A. Beccaria B. 8th amendment II. Is it a deterrent? A. Marginal vs. absolute deterrence B. General vs. specific deterrence C. 3 types of studies 1. Findings a. Brutalization vs. deterrent effects b. Message conveyed - Identification INCAPACITATION AND REHABILITATION – LECTURE #9
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Unformatted text preview: I. Logic of Incapacitation II. Collective Incapacitation A. Prison populations B. Crime reduction? III. Selective Incapacitation A. Wolfgang study B. Criminal career vs. career criminal C. Identifying chronic offenders – Greenwood and Abrahams D. Criticisms iv. Rehabilitation A. Goals B. History C. Public opinion D. Does it work?...
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