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Unformatted text preview: Criminology - Windows Internet Explorer 5335;; Y i0 http:Hcoursesmrsu.adulsocSUSII'lecll'DDIl' ‘I! "1”; X : iai'gle w £‘SBaFCi'I'l'rfil' 9') ¥* EV [email protected]' EV fl Bookmark?r ‘éfi-chedav tEIPlLutoFlll' é; £57 LJIfignIn' Entertainment video criminology introduction This course focuses on sociological theory:r and research on crime pnmanty in the united states. The main goal of the course is to teach you to think critically.r about the sociologyI of crime and delinquency. Specifically. we will Mafia-fines focus on lite following objectives: WW9 at 5953319 SMES olearning concrete particulars about the relationship between crime and social class, gender. and other demographic characteristics; ousing sociological theories .of delinquency as conceptual tools to make sense of the concrete particulars of crime; oapplving soicologi-cal concepts to different types of crime, including violent Prom De (Lester crimes, white—collar crimes and genocide. 353 1911 Blflcfing 919(513- 2554'- pal-t 1_ smdecostflsa .ncsu.edu 1' JIII'J'ccierses.hcsuLedul'sczlcaflfifleq'flfl1J3EflSSLIrnmc-rfivllahu5_2.flfl9.pdf' 0 Internet QJDD°30 7' a: start "' LIE-E: f'-'1E|"-'1II "I" IiE:iI E Mil: soft F'I:II.-'-.IerF'I:Iint -"' I::rlrrnru:ulu:u;| E "< ...
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