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Unformatted text preview: httpflcourses.ncsu.edu:‘sac30t’-Ilem‘001IBOéSummerSyllabusJOOq.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer I:IIE”EI 5U v i0 http:.I'i'coursesmrju.sduisocSUfiIlechDl.I'BDE‘SummerSyllabusjUDQ.pdf ‘4‘ 9'? :IX: |.-_- Ezra-n.7- I p'-' .or'glc we I?! Seardfi V tug V 9') $7 EIV [email protected] V a V a Bookmark?r i$01€Ck V <flPiLatoFill V g;- £3 V :J fignm V ‘ criminology summer 2009 Professor: Dr. stacy De coster office: 353 1911 Building, ph #5132554 e—mail: [email protected] office hours: by appointment Classroom: 132 Winston class time: 11:40—1:1_.D pm course description This course focuses on sodologioal theory and research on crime in the United States. The major goal of the course is to teach you to think critically about the sociology .of crime. Specifically, we will focus on the-following objectives: la 0 Unknown Zone 1' Stan ”h U55: l"'lEl'-"|':'F1"I" lEli' E l'-'1il:r'-:-:;oft F'I:"-'-'EI'F'EIiI'It -" httIII:.I'.I'-:u:-ur-_=e5.ru:-_=u.... E ’< -' .. .--_.... 3% 11:42 Fir-"I ...
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