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Unformatted text preview: httpn‘fcourses.ncsu.edu:‘sac30t’-Ilem‘001ISOéSummerSyllabusJOOq.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer I:IIE”EI 5115:}; v :6 http:J'l'ccursesmrju.adulsocSUfiJ‘lecll'DDIII'SDErSummerSyllabusjUDQ.pdf ‘9 _;1‘ :_x : '2 -'-.-- 3E=5-'"--'- I!“ " {pg-3|: v lg. Search V “rfi V U.) [#7 IE] V [email protected] V E] V 13' Bookmark?r “35' Quads V <Ej-Pmtofill V (9 is V .:_lfign1l'l " a. a V E g V EirPage.Y {Ea-Tools? )5 l D 2% date topic at reading May 18 Introduction " Definition of Crime reading: syllabus May 19 Sociological Theories of Law Group Project #1 reading: I Stylianou, ,stelics. 2003. “measuring crime seriousness perceptions: what have we leamed and what else do we want to know." Journal of criminal iustice 31 :37—56. May 20 Measuring Crime May 21 Demographic Correlates of Crime Principles of Causality reading: . hirschi', trayis and hanan c. selvin. "false criteria of causality in delinquency research." Social problems 13:254—65. May 22 ClassiCaland Neoclassical Perspectives la 6 Unknown Zone .' Stan '5 LIE-E: l'-'1E|"-"|'3:'F5."I"{Ell} E l'-"|i|:r'I:I'.=I:IFt F'I:Il-'-.'Er'F'I:IiI'It 3" http:It'll'Ijllet'SES.|'|I:S|J.... E "Q . .u_:|.. FE [1:43 Ftl"-"| ...
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