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slide_0085_full - RACE-Wha ls White Windows Internet...

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Unformatted text preview: RACE -Wha ls White? - Windows Internet Explorer _—-.j-lu— j 'V In http:J'J'www.understandingrace.0rg,l'|ived;'who_isll'index.html “I if ; X ; I: ..-.- fret-I: ='- v "a Search V “.fi V L59 [#7 M V a V E] V 1:? Bookmark?r a? (Sheds V <['i_l|.flu.IJ:oFi|| V & British A White B lint While I: [Insure Choose A. B, or C. ' Reslart Survey a Intgrnet "" LIE-E: r--1Er--1-:::IF!.'-.-' 3E |:n:I|i-:~3qula[1] ...
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