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Unformatted text preview: RALLE -Who Is White? - Windows Internet Explorer __'-.f 1-).— j 'V In http:J'J'www.understandingace.0rg,l'|ived;'who_isll'index.html “I *I? ; X ; I: -.__- EETL'I: :- f "a—_ I?! Search V 0% V up) [*7 M V [email protected] V E] V if Bookmark?r ‘5' (Sheds V flnmofill V & ._ fi‘ E] @VflPagavifi-Tmlsv A mm: B lint white I: [Insure Choose A. B, or C. ' Reslart Sunny a IntgérneJ: "" LIE-E: r--1Er--1-:::I I‘E |:u:u|i|:equla[1] ...
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