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slide_0093_full - RACE-Who Is White Windows Internet...

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Unformatted text preview: RACE -Who Is White? - Windows Internet Explorer .a \._J’ I . . _- _ __-.;y_;_ .r 1' Inhttp:J'J'www.understandingrace.orgJ'livedll'whonll'lndex.html “If? ,X; |:._-_- :.rr;-.-|::- 43'Search "'@' up) #7 M' -a' 51' if Bookmarks' aydwda' <[flnLIJzoFill ' & Iranians A Whit: it"; B lint white I: [Insure Choose A. B, or C. ' Reslart Survey “F LIE-E: |"-"|E['-"|'3:3'F!."|" 5:3 paliceql JiE[1] 3-; 25.“; lecture-4 ...
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