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Attention Chapter 4 Examples here: http://viscog.beckman.uiuc.edu/djs_lab/demos.html Basketball experiment • Write down the number of passes you saw Basketball experiment • Did you notice anything unusual? • A gorilla walked through the middle of the scene! Inattentive Blindness • Demonstrates how attention can alter how you interpret the world. • Even though you were looking at the gorilla, because you were not paying attention to it, you did not notice it. Cell Phone Study - Strayer et al. • 2 conditions – Dual-Task: Cell phone conversation (hands free) – Single-Task: just driving • Subjects performed in one of these 2 conditions while driving in a simulator. • In one the experiments, eye movements were monitored.
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Inattentive Blindness and Cell Phones • Results – When S ! s were engaged in a cell-phone conversation, they did not notice changes made to the scene, even though they were looking at the objects that changed. – S
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p317f06-L4-1 - Examples here...

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