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[email protected] 202-236-3411 © All In Order 2008 Tips For Organizing with ADD/ADHD 1. Establish routines. Routines help you learn to be proactive instead of reactive which is difficult for most people who have ADD/ADHD. 2. Schedule down time for yourself but use a timer as a reminder to get back to work. 3. Schedule plenty of transition time between appointments, tasks, etc. 4. Set goals by time spent instead of by tasks completed. 5. When scheduling tasks, give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need to account for distractions and the unexpected. 6. Break tasks into small 15-30 minute steps and use a timer. Make sure the time is short enough that you don't get frustrated or overwhelmed. If you feel able to continue, set the timer again and continue. If you can't, stop and continue at a later time. 7. Try talking out loud to yourself to keep on task. For example, chant “I’m looking for my keys” softly to yourself as you search for your
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Unformatted text preview: keys to keep yourself focused. 8. Remember that a task is not complete until it has been cleaned up and put away. 9. Reward yourself for each completed task. 10. Make sure each item in your house has a "home". Use labels whenever/wherever you can. 11. Try to clean as you go through the day. If you are finished with a piece of paper, file it. If you open a drawer, shut it. If you fill a trash can, empty it. Etc, etc, etc. 12. Spend 10 minutes at the end of each day doing a quick pick up. 13. Keep a list of things to-do so that you dont have to worry about forgetting something and to prevent yourself from jumping from task to task throughout the day. 14. Keep a success journal. Every day, write down what went right with your day to switch the focus from what youre doing wrong to what youre doing right. All In Order Professional Organizing...
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