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The Mid-Semester Slump The title says it all. I see it every semester with students – starting out with a fresh semester, a new year, and the best of intentions. Folders and notebooks are organized and color coded, and the new calendar eagerly awaits its lines being filled in with a schedule of tests, readings and projects. And then somewhere around the time following midterms and fall break, it hits! This overwhelming wave of apathy, low motivation and, using a term borrowed from my research counterparts, “regression to the mean.” By that I mean our tendency to retreat to our norms, our comfort zones, and what we do naturally. For students with ADHD and other learning difficulties, organization and time management skills don’t always come naturally. Sticking to a regimented study schedule is not the norm – waiting until 9 or 10 the night before a paper is due or much more in line with how these students prefer to work. Good study skills and effective time management are habits built over time. A client recently compared this to developing the perfect golf
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