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LabFinalSample - the chart title “Commission on Sales”...

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CS110 Lab Final – Sample 5) Excel 5 a) Create the spreadsheet Excel.xls shown below (Background color is optional, text style is not ): Then, enter a formula to compute the Commission Rate (6% if sales > 27,500; otherwise it is 4%) and the Commission (Sales times Commission Rate). Gotham Car Sales 1st Quarter Sales and Commissions Report ID Salesperson Sales Commission Rate Commission 1 Akerman, Ed $16,500.00 2 Baker, Missy $29,700.00 3 Danforth, Hal $45,900.00 4 Douglas, Pete $18,000.00 5 Gordano, Vinnie $25,900.00 6 Gregory, Allison $23,000.00 7 Jordan, Jennifer $5,000.00 8 Montgomery, Lance $33,000.00 Average b) Use currency format with 2 decimal places for Sales and Commission columns and format the Commission Rate as a percent. c) Compute the average of all columns and enter them in the last row. d) Create a chart of type Column like the one below, showing both the ID versus the Commission. Make
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Unformatted text preview: the chart title “Commission on Sales” followed by your name . Save the file as carsales.xls (make sure you know where you save the file to: Q5 ) then print a copy of it. 6) Access 6 a) Create a new database on your disk, named midterm.mdb, using MS Access. In the design view, specify the following fields for a table named Students: Field Name Field Type Field Size Name Text 12 Class Text 6 Grade Text 2 Year Number Integer b) Input the following data: Name Class Grade Year Alice CS110 B 2006 Alice CS401 A 2005 Alice CS131 B-2005 Bob CS401 C 2006 Carol CS110 A+ 2006 Carol CS131 B 2004 Dan CS110 B-2004 Dan CS1501 B 2005 c) Create a query to find all people who took CS110 in 2006. Have it return just their names and grades. Save the database inside the folder Q6. Print a copy of the query results....
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