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Homework Assignment 1 ISE 2204 Manufacturing Processes Due Date: February 9, 2010 Please include the Virginia Tech Honor Code pledge in the first page of your assignment and sign it. “I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment.” 1.- The following data are taken from an aluminum tension-test specimen: Elongation [in] Load , P [lbf] 0.0010 676.8 0.0020 729 0.1008 2079 0.2004 2322 0.3010 2412 0.4000 2466 0.5000 2493 0.6010 2484 0.7010 2439 0.8000 2232 0.9000 1748.7 0.9600 588.6 The specimen is cylindrical bar with D o = 0.500 in and l o = 2.0 in. Plot the engineering stress
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Unformatted text preview: – engineering strain curve for the material. Plot the true stress-true strain curve (Please use Excel) Determine Y, K, and n. 2. Determine the true strain at maximum load for a material that follow the Hollomon constitutive equation. 3.- A metal is yielding plastically under the stress state shown in the figure. a) Label the principal axes according to their proper numerical convention. b) What is the yield stress using the Tresca criterion? c) What if the von Mises criterion is used? d) The stress state causes measured strains of ε 1 =0.4, and ε 2 =0.1. What is the value of ε 3 ?...
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