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3024.S10.syllabus - ISE 3024 Data Management for IEs Spring...

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ISE 3024 Data Management for IEs, Spring 2010 1 of 5 Instructor : Dr. John P. Shewchuk, P.Eng. Associate Professor, ISE 519D Whittemore Hall (231-3226, [email protected]) Office hours: M 2-4 PM, W 10 AM - noon GTAs : TBA Xin Zeng (214 Durham Hall, [email protected]) Office hours: M 12:30-1:30 PM, T 9-10 AM, W 1-3 PM Schedule : AM section (CRN 13734): T R 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM SURGE 103A PM section (CRN 13731): T R 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM SURGE 117A Prerequisites : EF 2314, ISE 2404. Course Description Investigation of data management – how data is modeled, acquired, stored, and utilized – for problem solving in Industrial Engineering. Manual methods, computerized spreadsheets, databases, and Web-based databases are explored. Spreadsheet topics include list manipulation, working with multiple spreadsheets and files, importing data, and developing effective spreadsheet applications. Database topics include Entity- Relationship modeling, relational schema, normalization, and SQL. Basic construction and implementation of Web-based databases, via both static and dynamic pages. Finally, the data management application life cycle (DMALC) is explored. Course Objectives Having successfully completed this course, you will be able to: • Select the most appropriate data management approach (manual, spreadsheet, database, or Web-based database) for a given IE problem. • Work with multiple Excel worksheets and workbooks simultaneously. • Import text, database, and Web-based data into Excel. • Use macros, user controls, data validation, protection, and other elements to develop effective Excel applications for IE problems. • Analyze IE problems to identify the pertinent objects, attributes, data types, and relationships needed for designing a database. • Design relational databases and improve existing relational databases (normalization). • Implement relational databases for typical IE problems using MS Access and SQL. • Develop rudimentary Web-based databases for typical IE problems. ISE 3024 Data Management for Industrial Engineers Spring 2010 Course Syllabus
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2 of 5 ISE 3024 Data Management for IEs, Spring 2010 Course Workload Homework: Six homework assignments. You may discuss homework with others, but you must submit your own work . Unless otherwise specified, all homework assignments are due one week after being handed out, at the START of the scheduled class time . Examinations: Mid-term and final examinations. The final will not be cumulative, but will cover all material not covered on the mid-term. Exams will be closed book, closed notes . One 8.5 x 11.0 in. sheet (both sides) of handwritten notes will be allowed for each exam .
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3024.S10.syllabus - ISE 3024 Data Management for IEs Spring...

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