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assn10 - EEE 203 Assignment 10 Due 1 Find the z-transform...

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Unformatted text preview: EEE 203: Assignment 10 Due April 30, 2009 1. Find the z-transform X (z) and sketch the pole-zero plot with the ROC for each of the following sequences: (M$[nl= MUMH%% )“MM (Mmln @Wflfl+(% = (c) m[n] = COS(Q()TL)’U. [n] w:( )“um—N (d) 9:71 (H) 3% (%r“rm+m 2. Find the inverse transform of X (z) W lzl > 2. 3. Determine 1the 1nverse Z- —tra.nsf0rm for the following functions. (a) X=(Z} mm M > i- 4. Problem 10.4 from book. ...
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