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exp%2015 wk2

exp%2015 wk2 - Experiment 15 The Wattmeter OBJECTIVE To...

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Experiment 15 The Wattmeter OBJECTIVE To learn how to use a wattmeter. To become familiar with acbive and apparent power in AC circuits. DISCUSSION In direct current circuits the power (in watts) supplied to a resistive load is always equal to the product of the voltage and the current. In alternating cumt circuits the produd of the voltage and current does not always give an answer which can be stated in watts. For thii reason, wattmeters are essential in AC circuits, so that the active power (in watts) may be measured. Apparent power (in volt-amperes) is defined as product of the AC voltage the AC current. Apparent power is only equal to active power when load circuit is entirely resistive. This was the case in the previous Experiment. When the load circuit is not entirely resistive, the apparent power (VA) can be quite different from the active power (W). It is a rile eariy to explain why this is so, but we will stuntty explain the phenomenon. At present we will perform some experiments to chow what we mean by active and apparent power, how these powers can be EQUIPMENT REQUIRED Refer to the Equipment Wiition Chart, in Appendix A of th~s manual, to obtain list of equipment required to perform this exercise. PROCEDURE CAUTION! High votiages are present in this Experiment! Da not mah or modify any banana jack connections with the power on unless otherwise specified! D 1. Examine the construction ofthe Single-Phase Wattmeter playing particular attention to meter, connection terminals and wiring. The module - wiring schematic is shown FIcnure 15-1.
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The Wattmeter SOURCE d Figure 151. The intemaf meter current cdl connections are brought out to meter terminals A and 8.
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exp%2015 wk2 - Experiment 15 The Wattmeter OBJECTIVE To...

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