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Unformatted text preview: 1 + s1 x2 − s 2 x2 x2 + s 2 49+3= 52 3.5 n2 − 1 2 50­2= 48 3 n1 − 1 2 50+2= 49­3= 52 46 49 3 n1 − 1 2 fi fi 3.5 n2 − 1 2 1 1 1 E. Use of Random Numbers to Draw a Sample Example 4 (a) Draw a simple random sample of size 6 from the following list of 50 words: “There are two reasons why the scope of statistics and the need to study statistics have grown enormously in the last few decades. One reason is the increasingly quantitative approach in all the sciences, as well as in business and in many other activities which directly affect our lives.” (b) Hence, estimate the mean (μ) and the s.d.(σ) of the word lengths of this list. of Solution for Example 4 First, code the members (words) of the population (the list) as 01, 02,……, 50. For instance, “there” is coded as...
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