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Say x 15 thenweestimate to be 15 15 this involves

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Unformatted text preview: ents is called a statistic. Then we make inference on the parameter under investigation from this statistic. Say x = 15 ˆ Then we estimate μ to be 15: µ = 15 This involves generalization of sample information to the generalization population. It is known as statistical inference. statistical There are three main topics in statistical inference: There 1. Point estimation 2. Interval estimation 3. Test of hypotheses. We shall study point estimates for μ,σ²,σ and p in this We chapter. chapter. B. Unbiased Estimate for μ x1 , x2 ,......., xn If represent a random sample taken from a population, then x ˆ = x = ∑ .....(1) µ i x Here, is the sample mean. Its value is not fixed. It may vary from sample to sample. Certainly its value is not identical to μiin general, n since μiis a fixed quantity, although unknown to s us. ˆ We use µ to stand for an estimator for μ, or an es...
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