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Unformatted text preview: “01”, “are” as “02”, ……, “lives” as “50”. Then use “RAN#” key to obtain random numbers. Press “SHIFT RAN#” first, and then press “EXE” repeatedly. We get: 0.428, 0.670, 0.093, 0.812, 0.165, 0.733, 0.421, 0.276, 0.484. Since the population members are coded with two­digit numbers we shall forget about the decimal point and the last digit of the above 9 selected random numbers. They become: 42, 67, 09, 81, 16, 73, 42, 27, 48. Any number exceeding 50 has to be discarded since the population has only 50 members. Repeated members are not discriminated against its multiple occurrences since we are taking samples with replacement. Hence members corresponding to these coded numbers, 42, 09, 16, 42, 27, 48 are drawn. These members (words) are: in, s...
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