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ch2.1 - BUSI 1004 Marketing Instructor QIU Cheng Agenda...

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The Marketing Environment 2 BUSI 1004 Marketing Instructor: QIU Cheng 2 Agenda Step 1 Understand the marketplace and customer needs SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis Microenvironment square6 The company square6 Suppliers square6 Intermediaries square6 Customers square6 Competitors square6 Publics Macroenvironment square6 Demographic square6 Economic square6 Natural square6 Technological square6 Political square6 Cultural 3 SWOT Analysis A useful technique for analyzing the current situation and generating new directions square6 S trengths (+) square6 W eaknesses (-) square6 O pportunities (+) square6 T hreats (-) Internal External 4 SWOT Analysis
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5 Do a SWOT Analysis for… 6 SWOT Analysis boxshadowdwn How do we translate the findings from SWOT analysis into future directions and plans? square6 Build on a strength square6 Exploit an opportunity Match the strengths to opportunities square6 Correct a weakness square6 Avoid a disaster-laden threat * Company Mission and Goals * 7 Marketing Environment The marketing environment includes the actors and forces outside marketing that affect marketing management’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with customers.
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