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me445_hw2 - When the weight is displaced and released the...

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ME 445 Mechanical Vibrations // Fall 2009 Homework #2 Due: 08.10.2009 (Please supply your code and output graphs for questions 1-2). 1. (p. 2.36) A vibrating system is started under the following conditions: 0 , 0 v x x = = & . Determine the equation of motion when (a) 0 . 2 = ζ , (b) 5 . 0 = ζ , and (c) 0 . 1 = ζ . Plot non-dimensional curves for the three cases with t n ω as abscissa and 0 / v x n ω as ordinate. 2. (p. 2.37) In problem 1, compare the peak values for the three dampings specified. (See Appendix E for information about MATLAB and Appendix F for information about the programs. 3. 4. (p. 3.3) A weight attached to a spring of stiffness 525 N/m has a viscous damping device.
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Unformatted text preview: When the weight is displaced and released, the period of vibration is 1.80 s, and the ratio of consecutive amplitudes is 4.2 to 1.0. Determine the amplitude and phase when a force F=2 cos 3t acts on the system. 5. (p. 3.5) A spring-mass is excited by a force F sin ω t. At resonance, the amplitude is measured to be 0.58 cm. At 0.80 resonant frequency, the amplitude is measured to be 0.46 cm. Determine the damping factor ζ of the system. M M...
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