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me445_hw3 - ME 445 Mechanical Vibrations Fall 2009...

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ME 445 Mechanical Vibrations // Fall 2009 Homework #3 Due: 09.11.2009 [4 pts] In this homework assignment you are allowed to team up with one partner (or do it yourself). Your assignment is to extract the vibration properties of the rotating unbalance setup at the ME department (see picture). This setup consists of a wooden vibrating base supported by four springs. An electric motor is mounted on the base turns the unbalance and provides harmonic excitation. As a result, a forced harmonic vibration is obtained. Only the vertical mode vibrations will be considered. We have already calculated some of the properties of this setup in class. The following are given: total mass of base, electric motor and unbalance assembly is 1.75 kg; equivalent spring constant for the supporting springs is 245 N/m. A set of experiments are performed and photographs are taken. The photos are taken by a special lighting arrangement that provides light flashes at a set time period. Hence, multiple shots of the vibrating system are captured in each picture taken. The experiment is repeated at two
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