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YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE COURSE SYLLABUS 2008/2009-1 Course Code-Name ME 445 Mechanical Vibrations (3-0-0)3 Course Schedule Wed 12-13, Thu 9-11 Instructor’s Name Phone E-mail Office Hours Prof. Dr. Mehmet A. Akgün 578 0439 [email protected] Mon 11-12, Tue 10-11, Wed 10-12 and 14-15. Assistant’s Name Phone E-mail Ender A. Top 578 0753 [email protected] Textbook Theory of Vibration with Applications , 5th ed., W. T. Thomson & M. D. Dahleh; Prentice-Hall, 1998, ISBN: 0-13-651068-X Supplementary Materials Vibration problems in engineering , 3rd edition , W. Weaver, Jr., S. P. Timoshenko & D. H. Young; Wiley, 1990, ISBN: 0471 632 287 Course Outline 1. Introduction: harmonic motion, Fourier series. 2. Free vibration (SDOF systems): Modeling; Newtonian mechanics, analytical mechanics. 3. Forced harmonic vibration: support motion, vibration isolation, damping, vibration measuring instruments. 4. Transient vibration: impulse response, pulse response, arbitrary response, shock
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Unformatted text preview: response. 5. Multiple degree of freedom (MDOF) systems: free and forced vibration. 6. Introduction to the vibration of continuous systems: free vibration of a string, free longitudinal and torsional vibration of a bar. Midterm Dates Nov 6, Dec 4 (both are Thursdays). Grading In-term exams: 50 % (25 % each). Homework: 10 %. Final: 40 %. Attendance A minimum of 80 % attendance is compulsory. Additional Remarks “Vibration”, among others, is an important course in mechanical engineering. It is imperative that you keep up with the course progress and do not lag behind. Study regularly and do the homeworks. Make it a habit to solve several problems on your own with books and notebooks closed and no friends around . This will help you to discover your personal weaknesses in the course. Fourth year in your education is the transition period from student to colleague, to professional life. Professionalism requires work discipline....
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  • YEDiTEPE UNIVERSITY, 0-13-651068-X Vibration problems, vibration measuring instruments, Prof. Dr. Mehmet A. Akgün

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