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ME331 Spring 2009 Homework #4 due: 22.4.2009 11:00 1. Assume that you are working for a company that produces pumps. As an engineer your job is to determine experimentally, how the electrical power ( P E ) that a pump consumes varies with pump efficiency ( η ), pump diameter ( D ), volumetric flow rate ( V ), rotational speed ( ϖ ), pump head ( gH ) and fluid properties (such as ρ , μ , . ..). Design an experiment, to achieve most information with the minimum number of measurements. 2. A student team is to design a human-powered submarine for a design competition. The overall length of the prototype submarine is 2.24m and its student designers hope that it can travel fully submerged through water at 0.560 m/s. The water is freshwater ( a lake ) at T = 25 o C. The design team builds a one eighth scale model to test in their unversity’s wind tunnel. A shield surrounds the drag balance strut so that the aerodynamic drag of the strut itself does not influence the measured drag. The air in the wind tunnel is at 25
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Unformatted text preview: o C and at one standard atmosphere pressure. At what air speed do they need to run the wind tunnel in order to achieve similarity? 3. A horizontal water jet of constant velocity V impinges normally on a vertical flat plate and splashes off the sides in the vertical plane. The plate is moving toward the oncoming water jet with velocity V. If a force F is required to maintain the plate stationary, how much force is required to move the plate toward the water jet? 4. A fish is swimming in open sea between two streamlines as shown below. Distance between the streamlines is 1m and the inlet and outlet areas are the same (A in =A out =10m 2 ). At the inlet velocity is uniform and 5 m/s. At the outlet the velocity profile is v out = (y-d/2) 2 +1 m/s. Take = 1000 kg/m 3 , = 10-3 kg/(ms) and g =10 m/s 2 . a. Determine . b. Determine the lift and drag forces acting on the fish. Fish A in A out =30 . x y 1m 1/2 V V Waterjet...
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