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hw5 - open globe valve-In the discharge line the 90 o...

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H stat h s ME 331 Homework #5 Due date: 29.4.2009 1. The figure below shows a pumping station between two water tanks. Following data are known about the system: - Discharge Q=0.1 m 3 /s - Total static head H stat =14 m - Static suction lift h s = 2m - Power input to pump shaft P=22.8 kW - Suction piping: total length= 3.3 m and nominal size = 300 mm steel pipe - Discharge piping: total length= 47.6 m and nominal size = 250 mm steel pipe - In the suction line, the 90 o elbows are regular and flanged, and the valve is a fully
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Unformatted text preview: open globe valve-In the discharge line, the 90 o elbows are regular and threaded, and the valve is a ½ closed gate valve 1. Determine the a. Surface roughness for steel pipe b. All minor and major losses c. Power delivered to the water d. Efficiency of the pumping unit 2. Propose a better pipeline (determine the optimum diameter, length and material) to decrease the losses and calculate the saved energy if your design is used. (Best design will receive extra credits.)...
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