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ME 426 Homework #2 07.10.2008 1. Water at the rate of 68 kg/min is heated from 35 to 75ºC by an oil having a specific heat of 1.9 kJ/kg ºC. The fluids are used in a counterflow double-pipe heat exchanger, and the oil enters the exchanger at 110ºC and leaves at 75ºC. The overall heat-transfer coefficient is 320 W/m 2 ºC. Calculate the heat-exchanger surface area. 2. Instead of the double-pipe heat exchanger of Problem 1, it is desired to use a shell-and- tube exchanger with the water making one shell pass and the oil making two tube passes.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate the area required for this exchanger, assuming that the overall heat-transfer coefficient remains at 320 W/m 2 ºC. 3. Water at a rate of 45500 kg/hr is heated from 80ºC to 150ºC in a shell-and-tube heat exchanger having two shell passes and eight tube passes with a total outside heat transfer surface area of 925 m 2 . Hot exchaust gases having approximately the same thermophysical properties as air enter at 350ºC and exit at 175ºC. Determine the overall heat transfer coefficient based on the outside surface area....
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