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ME 426 Homework #5 25.11.2008 1. In a crossflow heat exchanger, hot air at atmosphere pressure with an average velocity of 3 m/s flows across a bank of tubes in an inline arrangement with l X = t X = 5 cm. The tube diameter is 2.5 cm. The tube wall temperature is 30 o C and the average air temperature in the bundle is assumed to be 300 o C. Calculate the average heat transfer coefficient and the pressure drop if the array has 20 rows in the flow direction. 2. Repeat the above problem for a heat exchanger that employs a bank of staggered tubes
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Unformatted text preview: with a longitudinal pitch of 4 cm and transverse pitch of 5 cm. 3. Fluids flow through the channels of the heat exchanger. The hydraulic diameter of the channel is 0.0241 m. Calculate power expenditure per heating surface area for the following fluid: (1) Air at an average temperature of 30 o C and 2 atm pressure with h = 55 W/ m 2 K. (2) Water at average temperature of 30 o C with h = 3850 W/ m 2 K....
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