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ME 426 Project #1 21.10.2008 A plate-fin heat exchanger is used to condense a saturated refrigerant vapor in an air- conditioning system. The vapor has a saturation temperature of 45ºC, and a condensation rate of 0.015 kg/s is dictated by system performance requirements. The frontal area of the condenser is fixed at A fr = 0.25 m 2 by installation requirements, and a value of h fg = 135 kJ/kg may be assumed for the refrigerant. (1) The condenser design is to be based on a nominal air inlet temperature of T c,i = 30ºC and nominal air inlet velocity of V = 2 m/s for which the manufacturer of the heat exchanger core indicates an overall coefficient of U = 50 W/m 2 ºC. Estimate the corresponding value
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Unformatted text preview: of the heat transfer surface area required to achieve the prescribed condensation rate. Also calculate the air outlet temperature. (2) From the manufacturer of the heat exchanger core, it is also known that U is proportional to V 0.7 . During daily operation the air inlet temperature is not controllable and may vary from 27 to 38ºC. If the heat exchanger area is fixed by the result of part (1), determine the range of air velocities needed to maintain the prescribed condensation rate. Plot the velocity as a function of the air inlet temperature. (You may need a computer for part (2).) (3) Make brief discussions on the results from (2)....
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