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hw3 - (c the effective stress ¯ σ S from the maximum...

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Yeditepe University Department of Mechanical Engineering 1 ME 444 Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics Fall’09 Instructor: Asst.Prof. Fethi Okyar Room: A709 Phone: x1464 Email: [email protected] Assignment #3 Due Date: Oct.15, 2009 Questions 1. Consider a thin-walled pipe with closed ends, with wall thickness of 10 mm and inner diameter 0.60 m, subjected to 20 MPa internal pressure and a torque of 1200 kN · m. Calculate (a) the cylindrical stress components in the pipe, (b) the corresponding principal stresses,
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Unformatted text preview: (c) the effective stress ¯ σ S from the maximum shear stress criterion, (d) the effective stress ¯ σ H from the octahedral shear stress criterion, (e) check whether failure (yielding) will occur for the following materials i. Ductile cast iron ii. AISI 304 steel iii. 2024-T4 Aluminum iv. 7075-T6 Aluminum Note: Indicate the reference(s) used to gather necessary material data, be it from the web, handbook or other textbook....
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