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YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE COURSE SYLLABUS 2009/2010-1 Course Code-Name ME 246 Strength of Materials Course Schedule Mon 11-13, Wed 9-11; Room B525 Instructor’s Name Phone E-mail Office Hours Mehmet Akgün 578 0439 [email protected] Mon 10-11, Mon 16-17, Tue 11-12, Wed 11-12, Fri 16-17. Assistant Ender A. Top 578 0753 Textbook & Supplementary Materials Mechanics of Materials , R. C. Hibbeler, McGraw Hill. Prerequisite ME 241 Statics Course Outline Concept of stress , normal stress, shear stress Concept of strain , normal strain, shear strain Stress and strain in axial loading Isotropic material properties; stress-strain relations: Hooke’s Law, Stress and strain in torsion of circular members Stress and strain in pure bending of beams Stress and strain in flexural shear in beams Transformations of stress and strain, Mohr’s circle ; principal stresses and strains Deflection of beams Column analysis:
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