ME342-Mid1-Spring07 - the maximum value of K that will lead to the failure of the part Q.3 Consider the infinitesimal stress cube under loads in

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yeditepe University ME 342 MACHINE ELEMENTS I, MIDTERM EXAM I, Spring 2007, N. Ciblak NAME:____________________________________________________Time: 150 Minutes Open books and notes. Four questions on one page. Make assumptions if you think there is any data missing. Q.1. (40) The pressure vessel shown is simply supported and bear a distributed load as shown. The outside pressure can be neglected. The outside diameter is 30-mm and the inside diameter is 25 mm. Select the least safe ASTM steel with a factor of safety of 2, using the distortion energy theory . Base your design on the upper inner surface . Q.2. (15%) The stresses for a machine part are determined as MPa , 0 , 0 MPa, 10 , 0 MPa, 20 K zx yz xy z y x = = = - = = = τ σ Given that MPa 30 = y S , determine, using the maximum shear stress theory
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Unformatted text preview: , the maximum value of K that will lead to the failure of the part. Q.3. Consider the infinitesimal stress cube under loads, in kpsi, taken at a point in a body. a) (10%) Determine all the Cartesian stress components. b) (5%) Assume that your answer to part (a) were kpsi 10 kpsi 10 = = = = = = zx yz xy z y x Determine the maximum shear stress. Q.4. (30%) The hollow round frame, made of a ductile material with MPa 100 = y S , is subjected to an end torque of 600 N-m as shown. If the outer diameter is 20 t , determine the thickness t based on a factor safety of 1.25 and the MSS theory. Round-up your answers to the nearest integer in millimeters. 600 N-m t x y z 7 9 5 30 ° shear 8 shear 45 ° 20 N/mm 150 mm 300 mm P = 10 MPa 7...
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