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KEY: B IOLOGY 2A / G ERHART / UNIT 2 (G ENETICS ) SAMPLE EXAM BE SURE THAT YOU TAKE THIS PRACTICE EXAM FIRST ON YOUR OWN, WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE KEY. T HE QUESTIONS IN THIS PRACTICE EXAM REPRESENT THE TYPES OF QUESTIONS THAT YOU MIGHT SEE ON THE ACTUAL EXAM ( AND THEY ARE IN FACT OLD EXAM QUESTIONS FROM B IS 2A). T HEY ARE TYPICAL OF THE LEVEL OF THINKING THAT WILL BE REQUIRED OF YOU . T HE EXACT TOPICS AND EXAMPLES WILL , OF COURSE , BE DIFFERENT SO ... PLEASE D O NOT ASSUME THAT STUDYING THIS PRACTICE TEST WILL BE SUFFICIENT PREPARATION FOR THE EXAM . After you’ve taken the exam, score each question in terms of the level of understanding (from Bloom’s Taxonomy) required to answer it. Key to Bloom’s scoring of exam questions 1 = knowledge (recall, list, recognize) 2 = comprehension (describe, explain, define, provide an example) 3 = application (predict, use) 4 = analysis (infer, interpret, compare / contrast)
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