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September30PODkey - octet on C s really nothing good to say...

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September 30, 2009 Problem-of-the-Day The molecule shown below is called formamide. Please draw as many valid resonance structures as you can for this molecule and note the merits and faults of each. Chem 128A, Fall 2009 C O N H H H C O N H H H C O N H H H C O N H H H The top 3 structures make significant contributions to the overall resonance hybrid. The bottom structure (along with any other structures you may have drawn) does not. Other structures are possible. m e r i t s: negative charge on electronegative O f a u l s: less covalent bonds, separation of charge, incomplete
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Unformatted text preview: octet on C s: really nothing good to say about this one charge, incomplete octet on O, positive charge on electronegative O s: negative charge on electronegative O, lots of covalent bonds, complete octets on O, C and N s: separation of charge, poitive charge on electronegative N s: no formal charges, lots of covalent bonds, complete s: really none to speak of...
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