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October2PODkey - Chem 128A Fall 2009 E bonding antibonding...

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H H October 2, 2009 Problem-of-the-Day Please draw a clear and completely labeled molecular orbital interaction diagram that shows how a C–H σ -bond of methane is constructed from orbitals on its carbon and hydrogen atoms. Please also explain clearly why the formation of such a bond is favorable, making reference to your diagram.
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Unformatted text preview: Chem 128A, Fall 2009 E bonding antibonding The orbital interaction shown ( σ-bond formation) allows these two electrons to occupy a lower energy orbital (the bonding orbital shown) than they would if the interaction did not occur. sp 3-orbital for C s-orbital for H node H H H H H H H C H H H H a C–H σ− bond...
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