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1 1 Grossmont College: Spring 2010: January 25- May 25 SOC 120 - Introductory Sociology- online - 3 semester units Instructor : Israel Cardona-Gerena Office : 514-A Telephone : 619-644-7784 E-mail : [email protected] Office Hours : Mondays and Wednesdays 12:30-3:00pm Instructor’s Homepage : Login Instructions: Blackboard login at: Your account is available one day after you register for a class. This course is available on Blackboard January 19- May 25, 2010. Username: This is the same as your WebAdvisor login name. Usually it is name.lastname (ex. mary.garcia) Password: This is your 6-digit birthdate (mmddyy). You can change this password after you login. Blackboard login instructions at: If you need help with login contact: Grossmont Students 619-644-7383 Cuyamaca Students 619-660-4395 Course Description : A study of basic theoretical perspectives, concepts, and methods of sociology, designed to acquaint the student with the range and scope of the field. Topics include the nature of social life, social structure, social control, deviance, social stratification, globalization, ethnic and racial relations, gender, sexuality, complex organizations, social institutions, the material and symbolic dimensions of human interactions, the social construction of the self and social change. Students will: Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Apply the major theoretical perspectives in sociology to information and real experiences. 2. Identify, explain and apply the principles of social scientific research methodology. 3. Appraise the range of cultural variability in human societies. 4. Explain sociologically inequalities of class, race, ethnicity, gender, and age in modern and pre-modern societies.
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2 2 Class Format: This class is fully online. There is no requirement for on-campus meetings or on-campus assignments. Students are expected to login weekly , get the instructions for the assignments, participate in the class discussions and submit assignments, ask questions and/or answer exams. There are required readings from the textbook as well as online sources. There are three areas of the course that students must visit weekly : Learning Units : to get the instructions for the assignments as well as the online readings. Each learning unit is organized in several learning modules. Group Discussion : to participate in the required group discussions. Your Questions : to submit any question regarding class topics, readings, assignments, exams and projects. Students must read the instructor’s response to any question from any student . Our communication is extremely important. Students must submit all questions regarding the course including topics, readings and assignments using the section Your Questions ” which is an all-class Discussion Board area within Blackboard. In this way, the instructor will answer all questions and the entire class will benefit
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CardonaSOC120-SP2010 - 1 Grossmont College: Spring 2010:...

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