ange - our first assignment because we get to look at art...

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Hello All, To those of you who have posted your introductions, thank you. They have been wonderful. I've so enjoyed "meeting" you all and learning about your interests and experiences. For those of you have not posted yet, this is a friendly reminder (My husband calls it nagging :-)) to post an introduction by Sunday the 31st (today) at midnight. I will spend the rest of the week answering everyone. We have close to 70 people in the class (what was I thinking. ..kidding. ...the more the merrier :-)) so it is taking me a bit to get back to each introduction. For future weeks, I will respond to every 10th entry unless I see an issue. I will try to answer different students each week in order to make sure everyone gets a personal response from me as often as possible. Our first web discussion is due February 7th by midnight. I am so excited! I love
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Unformatted text preview: our first assignment because we get to look at art and artifacts and analyze them together. You should read the first chapter in Traditions and Encounters ; it is usually called "Prehistory" in most editions of the book. Then, go to the discussion board forum called:"Cave Art and Venus Figurines." The directions will guide you through the steps to complete the assignment. Please have fun with the assignment. I welcome new interpretations and encourage you to add your own information. You have the whole week, so take you time with the readings. If you have any problems or questions, please email me or call me (644-7473). I am happy to guide you through the assignment. Again, it has been a pleasure to read your introductions. I have a feeling we will have a great semester :-) Best to you all, Angela...
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