hist anf - Hi All, I am having a great time reading the...

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Hi All, I am having a great time reading the discussion entries posted thus far on Cave Art and Venus figurines. I will be responding to every 8-10th or so entry so you may not get a personal reply from me this week, but I will do this randomly so over the course of the semester everyone will get a personal reply at least twice. For those of you who have not posted yet, remember they are due by midnight tonight (Sunday the 7th). Let me just give a brief summary of what I have read in your work thus far, then I will offer important help on the assignment that is due February 14th (Happy Early Valentine's Day). Be sure to read it because it includes information that will help you earn a better grade. First off, regarding the cave art assignment, for the most part you have all analyzed the readings and the art and offered important contributions. On the whole they have been thoughtful and well written. I thank you all for making my job easier and being amazing with one another. I am pleased that nearly all of you noted that cave art provides evidence of early communication patterns and the capacity for symbolic thought. It may express the fears, hopes, desires, and needs of early humans. As well, many of you noted that some scholars argue that the art represents early religion or magic. Given early human reliance upon these animals those theories made sense to many of you. One of your fellow students made an excellent point in regards to the meaning of the cave art and Venus figurines. She reminded us of the length of time over which they were created and the breadth of geographical range over which they were found. I think this is a great point; it argues for regional and temporal diversity of
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meaning. Many of you wrote of being impressed by the beauty and skill evident in the drawings. I certainly agree that the art shows technical expertise and careful attention to detail. I was very happy many of you discussed the types of technology needed to create the art and artifacts. Early humans had a diverse tool kit and deep knowledge of how to manipulate the environment for their own purposes. On the
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hist anf - Hi All, I am having a great time reading the...

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