hs ang 2 - Tue 2010SPHIST-100-7733 Weekly Update History...

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Tue, Feb 16, 2010 -- 2010SP- HIST-100-7733 : Weekly Update History 100 - Online Welcome to our new week. Before you know it we will be through February! It amazes me how quickly enjoyable classes go :-) I am running a bit behind. I was sick all weekend. I am recovering slowly and emerging from my Nyqul haze. Look for more responses to individual entries as the week progresses. I hope you all enjoyed the Taking Sides readings and the chapters on Mesopotamia and Egypt in Traditions and Encounters . I know the Taking Sides readings required a great deal of extra critical thought, but happily from what I have read so far you are all up to the challenge. I am busy reading the entries I have received thus far; my responses can be found by expanding the threads (there is a tool icon on the bottom left of the screen in the forum that reads "expand all"). I will be grading your entries and recording them over the next 4 days. I should have grades up by Thursday at 9pm. The discussion entries posted have been good, but I have noted a few issues I think I should point out to help those still crafting their entries and for future Taking Sides work. It is imperative that you read the introduction not only to the Taking Sides book, but to each issue because it will help you craft your entries. Also, you should read my entries and announcements - they provide data that will help maximize
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This note was uploaded on 02/22/2010 for the course HIST 110 taught by Professor Angela during the Spring '10 term at Grossmont.

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hs ang 2 - Tue 2010SPHIST-100-7733 Weekly Update History...

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