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history angela1 - Mon 2010SP-HIST-100-7733 Weekly Update...

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Mon, Feb 22, 2010 -- 2010SP-HIST-100-7733 : Weekly Update History 100 - Online Welcome to another week. We are entering week five. Amazing. I am reading and responding to your Rig Veda entries. I will have the grades posted by Thursday at 9pm. They have been wonderful. I think the entries I have received thus far capture the essence of the warrior society of the Aryans. Their dependence upon animals for survival has been noted and many have made great connections between their emphasis on animals and that of the prehistoric people we studies as well as the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Hebrew. Many of you indicated that all the religions we have studied focused on praise, prayers, and rituals to honor the deities but also to insure/ask for fertility, health, survival, food, water, and so forth. Even the Hebrew texts have prayers about resources and victory. One point I should make is that the Hebrews were also once polytheists, just like the other groups we studied. They only become monotheists finally and completely under the leadership of Moses. Prior to that
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